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Business Environment

For Ketchum, Oklahoma

Whether you are starting up a new business, moving a business, or looking at expanding sales, here is a collection of key  information most businesses need regarding the Ketchum business environment.

Ketchum Labor Force Participation Rate 2



Local Tax Information​

Sales Tax Rates
-  Ketchum Town Sales Tax:      3.00%
-  Craig County Sales Tax:          2.00%
-  Oklahoma State Sales Tax:     4.50%
-  Total Retail Sales Tax:             9.50%

Source:  Craig County Courthouse and Oklahoma Tax Commission

Most Common Industries & Occupations

The most common industries in Ketchum, OK, by number of employees, are Health Care & Social Assistance (34 people), Other Services, Except Public Administration (30 people), and Construction (25 people).

Compared to other places, Ketchum, OK has an unusually high number of Other Services, Except Public Administration (3.06 times higher than expected), Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting (2.54 times), and Construction (2 times) industries.

The highest paying industries in Ketchum, OK, by median earnings, are Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting ($41,667), Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting, & Mining ($41,667), and Manufacturing ($41,250).

Tax by Comparison

Sales Tax Rates
Total Sales Tax in Ketchum:     9.50%

-  Total Sales Tax in Vinita:          9.50%

-  Total Sales Tax in Big Cabin:   9.00%
-  Total Sales Tax in Pryor:           9.875%

-  Total Sales Tax in Grove:          9.30%  

Source:  Oklahoma Tax Commission

Laborforce Participation

In Ketchum, 59% of the population is active labor force.  The unemployment rate is 4.8% at last official measurement. which leaves 36.2% of the population as choosing to stay at home, is retired, or still in school.  

The Labor Force Chart shows participation by age group.

Source: US Census 2017 ACS 5-Year Survey

Employment by Occupations.jpg

Average Daily Traffic

The average daily traffic count in the Town of Ketchum is 5,900 (measured at the junction of Hwy 82 and Hwy 85).

Source:  Independent study July 2019


For More

For more on the demographics and statistics for Ketchum, go to the Community Statistics page.  

Other Key Information for Businesses

Ketchum Volunteer Fire Department has a fire rating of 5.

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