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Grand Playscape Park still popular after Three Years!

KETCHUM, OKLAHOMA – The Grand Playscape Park in Ketchum, OK continues to be a main attraction for both the residents and visitors of Ketchum. The playground features a sound garden with instruments to play music, slides, swing set, climbers and outdoor library shaped as a boat for students to read. They even celebrated official "Mud Day" at the park where kids were encouraged to roll around, play, build and dig in the mud!

Ketchum Ok Park
Children playing at the Grand Opening of the Grand Playscape Park, May 16, 2016.

This great park would not exist in Ketchum without the focus and dedication of the Native American Association of Ketchum (NAAK) and a wonderful donation from the Cherokee Nation of $57,273. The playground equipment is of commercial grade to guarantee it stands up to years of use and was installed by Playcore and Cunningham Recreation. While the land is owned by the NAAK, the Town of Ketchum

“Grand Playscape Park is an example of the kind of positive investment that can happen when organizations join forces to strengthen their communities,” Cherokee Nation Tribal Council Deputy Speaker Victoria Vazquez said. “I’m happy that the Cherokee Nation could partner with the Native American Association of Ketchum on such a worthwhile project.”

“I want to thank the Cherokee Nation and administration for enabling this park and playground to happen,” said Jerry Taylor, president of the Native American Association of Ketchum. “Before this there was no park for the children to play in Ketchum. With the help of the Cherokee Nation, its administration, the Community and Cultural Outreach department, Cunningham Recreation and a lot of local citizens who volunteered their time and money, we were able to create a place for the families to congregate and children to play and have a park to be proud of for the community.”

“It is so thrilling to see the children running, climbing, and exploring in the park. The park has given our community a place for families to gather, and enjoy the outdoors. The park would not be possible without Cherokee Nation and the collaboration of the citizens of Ketchum" said NAAK board member Lisa Evans.

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